“The barista is the last link in the coffee production chain." Jorge Patiño, professional barista and teacher of the SENA of tasting and barismo. 

The barista is the one who creates drinks from coffee, so he knows the different filtering methods and preparations. These drinks are prepared based on espresso coffee, which is a drink of maximum 30 milliliters of water (1 ounce) per 9 grams of coffee, prepared in less than 30 seconds in an espresso machine.

This is a machine of Italian origin that is found in most coffee shops in the world.
The classic preparations from the espresso are the following. The American or tinto is an espresso coffee prepared in 220 milliliters of water. The cappuccino and the latte are composed of one ounce of espresso coffee and 5,5 ounces of textured milk, with the difference that latte has a thin layer of milk foam, while the cappuccino’s milk sits deeper.

The flat white is a short drink, which mixes an ounce of espresso with 3,5 ounces of textured milk. Nowadays one of the most consumed beverages in the world is the mocha or mocaccino coffee, which contains one ounce of espresso, one ounce of chocolate syrup and 7 ounces of textured milk.

You can also find stained coffee or macchiato, which is a one ounce espresso with a touch of milk. The drinks come from the creativity of the barista, that’s why today there is a wide variety in the market: Viennese coffee, which is covered in whipped cream, frappé or frozen coffee, among many others.