Panoramic view of Tecnicafe, in La Venta village, municipality of Cajibio, Department of Cauca. Photo: Archivo Tecnicafé

Located in the village of ‘La Venta’ in the municipality of Cajibío, thirteen kilometers from the city of Popayán in Cauca, Colombia, is the Technology Park of Innovation Tecnicafé; a dream come true where technological, economic and social efforts are combined; Tecnicafé is proof of the immense value of articulated work where actors from the public, private sector, academia and social organizations come together to achieve a common good.

This non-profit and mixed corporation, whose slogan is to be global leaders in innovation for coffee and its quality coffee, are part of the Association of Female Coffee Growers of Cauca AMUCC, the Government of Cauca, the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, Spanish companies such as Supracafé and MultiScan Technologies, and the CQI Coffee Quality Institute of the SCA Specialty Coffee Association.

In three years of institutional experience, Tecnicafé has managed to position itself as a key instrument in the generation of transformative innovation for the territory of Cauca and in the revitalization of a more diligent and proactive coffee industry, one that adds quality and differentiation to its products in the permanent search for effective construction of international value chains.

United for the well-being and development, we´ll achieve everything. Photo: Archivo Tecnicafé

For Elizabeth Trujillo and Fabiola Tombe, President and Legal Representative of the Association of Female Coffee Growers of Cauca AMUCC, as organized women, “Tecnicafé means development, progress and well-being for our affiliates. It is technology, progress, and most importantly, it is well-being for all the associated women who are in nine municipalities of Cauca.

Thanks to the technological surveillance, competitive intelligence and sectoral foresight exercises jointly carried out with partners and allies, more than 60 knowledge management projects for innovation have been managed and executed; this has allowed the initiatives of entrepreneurs and companies to materialize in products and services that offer generagreater efficiency in the chain of coffee processing, to highlight some: Cafetal Soft, Coffee QualiTiC, Ecoenigma, Optiagro,
Ecosecador, Anaerobic Filters made with Borra de Café, PazCafé and Gusticafé; these last two ventures focused on the elaboration of gastronomic products from coffee co-products.

Tecnicafé is an innovation platform that is based on a principle: without innovation there is no progress, thus Ricardo Oteros, director of Supracafe Spain, defines the Park; at present, the corporation is consolidating in an international campus of human talent training of high quality coffee.

In this regard, it has an enabling infrastructure and quality laboratories (certified by the SCA) where specialized courses are held permanently for all actors in the value chain, such as: harvest and post-harvest, basic workshop in roasting, course of barismo, basic course in cupping and others. César Augusto Echeverry Castaño,
executive director of Tecnicafé, explains that Tecnicafé is that platform, that Noah’s ark built by all the actors of the international value chain, in order to provide greater progress and community welfare. “ Today we assume the challenge of continuing to work with all the enthusiasm and commitment to ensure that Tecnicafé consolidates itself as a global benchmark for innovation in coffee and its quality coffee growing worldwide, from where it is invited to be part of this international network of innovation open and collaborative.