Nariño is a department that is the producer of raw materials, with an insufficient marketing and industrialization system, where the State is the main generator of
employment. At the same time, the Department has comparative advantages due to its strategic geographical location, its social component —artisans of production— and its privileged soils of volcanic origin that allow to establish products of extraordinary quality to be able to implement a differentiated commercialization.

For this reason, a group of entrepreneurs with social objectives joined efforts in favor of the socioeconomic development of the region and agreed to develop a Business Industrial Park in an area of 22 hectares, located in the area of Daza, municipality of Pasto, a nodal point strategic of the region. In this Industrial Park, optimized storage points, convention center, fairground, commercial showcases and the Special Agroindustrial FreeZone will be established.

The Plena Business Park is an environment of shared value, that is, it is a commitment to the integration of different actors with a common goal, following the principles and objectives of the Nariñense Pact for the Sustainable Development Goals, signed in Pasto in October 2017. The pact promotes a vision of the future for Nariño, taking as an input and foundation the objectives and goals of sustainable development committed by the country in the 2030 Agenda, this is a living example where each region must adopt the agenda according to its reality, jointly with the different actors and thus helping to promote territorial peace, improve the quality of life of the population and encourage educational practices that motivate young people to take over in the development of the region.

The Parque Industrial Plena will have 32 optimized storage points that will give appropriate collection, infrastructure and cutting-edge technology.

For this reason, several entities will be part of Plena, such as the primary sector of production —the peasant woman and peasant man—, the academy, the State, international cooperation entities and private companies. The aim is to achieve a social equity that allows the generation of employment through an integral development of the region, promote associativity and accompaniment, as well as to improve applied research that helps increase productivity and product quality.

The Plena Business Park will contribute to forging policies for the generation of added value, transforming the raw material and establishing a marketing strategy for differentiated markets, in which the final consumer will know the traceability of the product, taking advantage of the origin denominations existing in the region that bet for the integral and sustainable improvement of the different actors.

Parque Industrial Plena, a dream came true, that will promote the integral rural development of the south west of the country, providing life quality in the rural sector.

To start the Agroindustrial Free Trade Zone it has been established to promote the articulation with the various social organizations, with which a permanent accompaniment will be made. This initiative is part of the Master Plan presented to the Intersectoral Committee of Free Trade Zones, in which the coffee and fruit production lines were prioritized (lima tahiti, avocado has, gulupa, uchuva and Granadilla), and studies are being carried out for the production lines of sacha inchi, cocoa, quinoa, pea and derived from sugar cane.

To date, several strategic alliances have been established, including the Fe en Colombia, Tecnicafé and Supracafé programs, among others.