The Germinar Foundation stands out for implementing actions that promote integral human development and the reduction of poverty as ways to reach reconciliation, forgiveness and peace. They have found in the production of roasted and ground coffee the economic support that allows them to promote projects that generate benefits for coffee farmers and the indigenous populations affected by the effects of violence and drug trafficking in the mountains of northern Nariño.

The Germinar Foundation is present in 17 zones, where 740 producers are located, with the aim of making direct exports of social organizations to new markets. It stands out for constantly searching for a wide range of specialty coffees, based on the principles of quality, sustainability, traceability, varietals, height and social responsibility. Germinar combines an advanced industrial team, the most qualified human capital to offer the best Nariño coffee to the world markets and a work dynamic in which there is a close and direct relationship with the producer, his family and the organizational forms to which they belong.

The foundation has a quality laboratory, a unique microlote thresher in southwestern Colombia and a technical line that allows an agile and dynamic technological system of selection, threshing, roasting and profiling of coffee.
The main value of the Germinar Foundation is the serious and planned work that allows you to have a certified and authorized process for the generation of value, export and efficient and permanent technical support to each producer.

This translates into the ability to maintain a boutique of special quality coffees all year round and it is due to a proactive, responsible and versatile human team. The synergy between producers and their associative forms promotes sustainable agricultural practices that impact on issues such as social, environmental and business responsibility —what is known as fair trade—, as well as coffee practices that encourage education and peaceful conflict resolution.