the workshop performed within the Female Coffee Grower Network and Empopasto highlighted the health benefits of drinking a cup of coffee prepared with quality coffee and water. Photo: Cortesía Empopasto.

Water is at the epicenter of sustainable development and is fundamental for socioeconomic development, energy and food production, healthy ecosystems and for the very survival of human beings. Water is also a crucial part of adaptation to climate change, and is the crucial link between society and the environment.

The activities that the Network of Women Coffee Growers of the North of Nariño has done with Empopasto S.A. E.S.P. have allowed us to reflect on the relationship between water and coffee. We have started from the recognition of the value of water both in the life of human beings and in nature. Studies affirm that human beings are 70% water. The indigenous people, for their part, comment that it can be up to 90%. The interesting thing about the case is the agreement that we are water over any other element. In the case of nature, it is worth noting that all farmers affirm that 'if there were no water there would be no agriculture', and it is in the world of coffee that this statement can be easily verified.

In the coffee cycle water is in all stages. In the first, the crop, humidity and water are fundamental for the coffee seed to germinate, become a seedbed and later a flowering tree with its ripe fruits. In the second stage, which is the benefit, water is present in the fermentation and washing, which is where the coffee develops its best characteristics of odors and flavors. Finally, for the good preparation of a cup of coffee requires only 6 grams of coffee and the rest is water. Given this, we have begun to recognize the value of water in the coffee world and discover that the quality of coffee depends directly on the quality of the water.

In the experience we share with the employees and managers of Empopasto, we express our pleasure in working with people who care for and protect water. It is a public company that is protecting a vital resource for our development as people and territory. A good coffee needs water of great quality, a high degree of potability and purity, and Empopasto works and stands out in it. We are proud to say that in Nariño we surely have the best coffee in the world and that we have the luxury of preparing it with the best water in Colombia.