During the months of June and July, people reap the harvest of coffee trees. Farmers quarter their coffee farms with the hope that their work will be well compensated. Among them, women stand out as harvesters; they’re quicker, which means they will harvest more, and they’re more careful: they select the best coffee
without damaging the trees. Likewise, many of them are also in charge of their everyday housewife duties and of the commercial area — they handle the money raised—. These are working women, heads of their family, who dedicate all their effort to produce special coffee, in order to raise and sustain their families.

With the purpose of improving their income in such a competitive area, the Coffee Farming Women Network of North Nariño was formed, aiming to promote their own special toasted coffee brand called “Dulce Milagros” (sweet miracles).
“‘Dulce” (sweet) refers to one of Nariño’s coffee’s most prominent features,
while “Milagros” (miracles) refers to the name of many of these farmers and because of our special connection to the whole process of coffee making, since it’s a seed to when it’s served as a cup of coffee.

That’s it, there’s no better way to portray nature’s beauty”, explained Guillermo Torres Daza, who is in charge of voluntarily organizing the project. The Women Farmer Network has been supported by various groups. Teachers and students from the Universidad San Buenaventura, of Bogotá, are promoting this coffee in the city and contributing to forming a proper business plan.

The Network of Women Coffee Growers of the North of Nariño is made up of approximately 150 women.

A publicity agency offered help for the brand’s positioning. A group of system engineers is currently developing their webpage. The Faculty of Electronic Engineering of the Universidad de Nariño, which currently has a coffee related technological development project, has shown its interest to support this
group of women coffee growers, as well as the company Empopasto.

All of this support has strengthened the farmer’s spirits, who also have the intention
of creating coffee stations to directly sell the beverage. The social impact of the Women Farmer Network is an inspiration to other women, a step forward towards reaching gender equality and towards improving the living conditions of several families headed by women.