The wine bottles are decorated with recyclable materials, for example, egg shells. Photo: Alcaldia de Albán / Cristian Ledezma

For more than 10 years, in the municipality of Albán, coffee wine has been commercialized. The wine has been known by word of mouth and already has a consolidated clientele that travels from different parts of the region to the Casa del Vino. Uribe León Ibarra is the producer of coffee wine, who also sells orange, blackberry, mandarin, aloe, among others, with the help of his family.

Uribe León is characterized by his curiosity since he was a child and he slipped away in the studio where his father, Eliazar Ibarra, a person of strong character, did experiments and studied. The books were not within the reach of his hands, but he memorized the titles.

When he was 25 years old, he was presented with a series of misfortunes: his father died, he lost his job and his farm produced orange that he could not sell because of the low prices. “ I was anguished to see how the oranges were lost, since a tree takes a year to load,” says the entrepreneur. One day, while thinking about what his father would have done in his situation, he recalled that he had once seen in the studio a book called The 1500 Secrets of Nature.

Ibarra asked for the keys and checked out the book: among the articles there was one entitled “How to Make Orange Wine?”, and he got down to work. One thing led to the other, and from the orange wine he went on to make tangerine wine and then coffee wine. Although many years have passed, Ibarra’s curiosity is not exhausted, and he looks for ways to make the coffee wine he produces on his farm more exquisite.