Preparing Pasto for the performance of the Black and White Carnivals is a challenge that the city assumes every year with great responsibility. And what does that mean? In first place, guarantee that the citizens who want to play in carnival stages have the necessary assurances so that each event unfolds without difficulty; also guarantee that the public who gather around to appreciate the artistic works and the work of all those who are part of this event, can go around at ease and securely through the streets, beyond the enjoyment and appreciation of what Pasto people cultural and artistic production mean, who are proud of their great cultural heritage. Each process, from the cultural, communication, logistic, contingency and management component, demanded, as every year, an inter-institutional coordination and coordination work.

According to Corpocarnaval, in figures, the 2020 carnival version is summarized as follows: 50 proposals were received to select the 2020 carnival poster, of which one was chosen by the community out of 3 that the Qualifying jury had selected as finalists. On this occasion, and for the first time, a Nariñense woman, Ximena Enriquez, who lives in Switzerland, was the winner of this call.

For January 3 parade, the “Canto a la tierra” and for the “grand parade” of the White´s day, the farmers and artists pre-registered 230 proposals, which were exhibited at the facilities of the Nariño Governorate, next to the catalog that, for the third consecutive year, left in memory what the artist community proposed to the city. Five were the parades that in total meant the participation of approximately eleven thousand cultists and artists of the carnival. All in all, there were one million two hundred thousand people who enjoyed the playfulness, color and nariñense art.

In music matters, in addition to the 30 murgas who took part in the parade, there were 67 local, national and international groups at the two official stages: Plaza de Nariño and Plaza del Carnaval. Approximately two hundred and five thousand people enjoyed the shows.

An inclusive carnival such as the Carnival of Blacks and Whites offers to locals and visitors enjoy each carnival event free of charge. The concept of inclusion becomes  a reality, when everyone has its space from the "welfare state", where everyone enjoys, appreciates and values what has been collectively built. The investment made for the 2020 version was $6,450 million pesos, according to the Corpocarnaval information.

It is a fact that Pasto has advanced in the production of the Carnival of Blacks and Whites. It is also true that there are aspects on which they should keep working. Among them, the strengthening of the carnival game as a central element of this cultural manifestation, which means deepening in the citizen culture, respectful game, since the carnival is a space that allows families, tourists, single persons or with friends, to share and have fun from the peaceful game with respect and tolerance. It is also necessary to work on the improvement of the infrastructure of the path, all institutional work that must transcend socially and economically.

Thus, we must continue working to strengthen and improve what our city has today: a Carnival of Blacks and Whites of Pasto for Colombia and to the world, recognized since 2009 as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, a declaration granted by the Unesco and delivered in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Therefore, what comes to the future is to defend and invigorate the Carnival Safeguard plan. And this responsibility, without a doubt, lies in public institutions, at the academy, in the private sector and, fundamentally, in women and men who, every year, keep the Carnival alive.

Photo: Cortesía corpocarnaval